the networx

”The network” is a collaborating of many networks, like it is actually fact in the so-called reality. The meaning of this one are the networks of a lot of different layers, like also the different realities, as for example in the term of parallel-worlds meaning a defined part. We are living in a reality which is disclosing in a rapid speed and is defoliating film after film.

What years ago was an established fact, are meanwhile indisputable lies and fakes.

In all sectors of the social, political and commercial Institutions are and still doing, to accumulate so-called scientific informed contentions, which are than created as facts, that exploits exclusive those, who are using this for their own profit, power-position and including instruments

So we are living in a netting of many incredibly and tremendousness stories.

“Good” as ” Evil”, in which there is no differentiating, what is really good or bad and what than is meaning that. The chaos of information respective of disinformation meanwhile is gigantic and those who are asserting to see through are merely telling an another dubiously story.

This drawing „network“ is basically dealing with the big picture, in which the chaos seems to be integrated and penetrating putative structures for creating new chaos.

The nets of Information are percolating, replacing or overlapping themsleves. The reality is drastic and instructable and though the view paused and attempt to understand. To recognize.

There is Karydium. A new story which is to be told. Will it be replaced or is it providing itself? Karydium is a new undiscovered element, which soon will get a big role. Its transforming and collocating. It promises Metamorphosis and the hope gets wind for the rescue of the nemesis in the all quashing cancer chaos.

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